Snow Drop Cloth Pad

Choosing the right size is all about coverage and menstrual flow. Measure the length of the product (disposable pad or other cloth pad brand) that you are currently using and choose the Pad or Liner that is of similar length.

The front and back width of all sizes varies from one size to another. The standard width at the middle (wing) of our Liner and Pads is approximately 2.8" when snapped, however thanks to our double snap feature on all sizes for pads, it can be adjusted to 3.2" for wider middle coverage or wider sized panty.

Our Light Mist pad are comparable to most standard sized Maxi disposable pads, whereas our Medium Dew pad make a great replacement for night pads and are the most preferred ones for day pad by plus size customers. If you need extra coverage for overnight, Heavy Stream pad might be the right one as it it longer and wider at the back than Medium Dew.

We named our product size range after its lightest flow each size can cover. For an example, Light Mist pad is for Light to Medium flow even though it’s called ‘Light Mist’. It’s the same for Medium Dew as well, it is suitable for Medium to Heavy Flow and so on with other sizes. Our product range is suitable even for one with the most heaviest flow.

For most suitable size, we suggest that you try out different sizes to test out which one is the best fit for you. Try out our starter kit which includes all sizes, with 2 or 3 liners that you can use everyday. However, some women may find that they prefer only 1 or 2 sizes and stick to those. It is highly dependable on how your menstrual flow like and when do you use them.


If you buy more than 1 Snowdrop Package, just choose add RM4.00 for the first package and the next following package, you can select 'free shipping semenanjung' as additional postage RM4.00 is charged for 1 order.

If you order Snowdrop package and other products in our store in one order, you can choose 'Free Shipping Semenanjung' because we have charge RM10.00 postage for East Malaysia.