Bamboolite Day Diapers

Trim & Slim to fit your Active Baby. No uncomfortably bulky bum ever!

A healthy and green alternative to disposable diapers, both for your baby and for the planet…

BambooLite Trim-Fit Cloth Diaper is a two-piece system (All-In-Two Diaper) that consists of a leak-proof diaper shell and an absorbent soaker pad. The diaper body has a waterproof layer to prevent messy leak and the inner soaker material can snap in and out of the diaper body. Unlike the pocket diaper, the outer shells of our diaper can be reused for multiple diaper changes. If the soaker is full, you can simply change out the wet soaker and snap in a fresh one instead of washing the entire cloth diaper. When the diaper shell is soiled/smelly or very saturated, start with a fresh diaper shell. BambooLite diaper is one size adjustable to fit average size of baby from new-born to 2.5 years-old toddler (3-15kg). It is designed with a pair of adjustable elastic straps that can be customized according to the true size of your baby without leaving an ugly red mark on baby's thighs! You'll love the way they adjust, it is a diaper that grows with your baby! 


​Diaper can be assembled from many types of fabrics from poor to premium density/quality which will determine the overall performance, appearance, feel and price tag of a final product. A good diaper must be able to hold adequate volume of pee at reasonable thickness. Generic diaper in the market comes with 2 low density microfiber inserts at much lower cost, however they are too bulky to put together and most of the time make baby's "head higher than bum"! The bulkiness of the diapers can be very uncomfortable on babies. Here, we only use high density absorbent fabric (much expensive!) to ensure the trimness and performance of a diaper. Our diaper is trimmer and more comfortable compared to other uncomfortably bulky one size diapers! It can hold 2 times more than normal brand cloth diaper at the same thickness! Our cloth diaper is absorbent, you will only need to change every 3-4 hours for day time to keep baby fresh. The basic set with one Master Pad (only 8mm thickness) can hold 3-4 hours on most babies with not more than 8oz fluid intake. If you require more absorbency for your heavier wetter baby (usually baby with extra complementary foods & drinks), you can add-on Bamboo Booster Pad. One Booster Pad can increase 2.5 oz capacity at only 2mm thickness!

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